Made in America


Release Your Tandem

Stand outside of your trailer, use the special oval tandem hook to surround your tandem lever and pull! The Extreme Release helps you reduce risk of injury to arm, hands, shoulders and back as well as helping you stay out of all the dirt and grime under the trailer!

Load Bars

Release Your Load Bars

Moving those heavy, hard-to reach, load bars up and down has never been easier! Simply place the Extreme Release hook under your load bar release and easily slide the load bar wherever you like. No more crawling up on boxes or having the bar fall on top of you!

Fifth Wheel

Release The Fifth Wheel

The Extreme Release has a well-designed 5th wheel hook that works equally well on loop or latch releases. Extra length on the hook makes sure you have plenty of ‘grab’ and won’t pull out. Our generous shaft length makes sure you can stay out of the grime, and careful attention to our super-strong welds ensure you have years of use.